To Spaniards


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Gosh! I just realized how much I miss you all...
I just watched my spania video with a lump in my throat. I so need to see all you again! Hart, Ab, Meg, Davy... all of you! Will will be coming online a few this week and I hope to catch some of you in your daily activities!
Awww....I know what you mean....I miss the old guild I use to be folded and some of the people just quit playing.
Aww Will :'(
I miss you too so much, its just not the same without you!
Will i probanly never got the chance to meet you but i hope i will coz ye do luv yer guild ill be waiting for ye at very very late night to early morning
Spania rules. Igot in and out of alot during thw reset week 3 or 4 times i dunno i lost count
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