Suggestion update the game soon?

Roger Deckskull

Honorable Pirate
It's almost been 2 months since the last major content update for this game (update 1.20). I don't know if its just me but every time I log in now the game just feels not necessarily dead but just quiet, and I kind of blame that on lack of content updates. I really got my hopes high once the developer insight was released and the devs talked about adding content such as cannon defense. However, that was posted on April 7th. Yes, we did get content such as the quest vendors and close targets tracker in the 1.20 update, but since then nothing major. I know these things take time but I really believe that there has to be a content update soon and it needs to include cannon defense. Not only will it appease the svs community, but it'll also bring back people who want to grind it out and loot items such as the revenant ram or phantom ram.