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Discussion in 'Tech Savvy' started by Legend in my Own Mind, Jun 4, 2017.

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    May 29, 2017
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    things you may not know about Windows 10

    in my opinion, if you havent already , make a date with your windows 10 setting, set aside a good 45 min and scathe every single option offered go into every option and read each setting what is does and contemplate "Do I need this?" if you dont know what is about you probably should google it and dig a little deeper. If you dont need it or never contemplate using it, disable it!! This vesion flavour is all about sharing and getting te pulse of what and how users are using this edition.

    Unbenounced to you the system is constantly metering usage of the entire system and reporting back to M$ and if you are using it or not, so why hog all your resources on things you dont even use.

    For example, in my line of work, I am appalled at how people spend 2k on something they do not know anything about. You wouldnt buy a car without knowing how to drive.

    Windows 10 updates, they are using a engine like bit torrent, check the settings and read bewteen the lines. M$ defaults are made in thier best interest ,not yours, always. They have been in our lives now for over 20 years, but they never said, Hey, I'm looking out for you. So when you have the default settings you are potentially getting updates from any system on your network or the surrounding network, potentially your neighbor - doesn't sound safe does it, I suggest you disable that feature - always understand in the digital world - that convenience is usually always at the cost of security or performance.

    So read and understand thier bottom line is to generate what will fuel thier mission - not always yours.
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    I have to say, while I do agree that windows 10 is full of bloatware and a bit of it is not necessary.

    The usage submissions to Microsoft are used towards updates, optimization and feedback towards patches/fixes, updates, and further versions of Windows. Just because they are collecting information from you doesn't necessarily mean it is going to some evil corporation who wants to profit off of what kind of games you play.

    Let me put it this way, this is the most efficient way of learning what can be done better for Windows OS based upon the hardware and usage of your system.
  3. Crashalot

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    Dec 24, 2016
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    Actually, windows 10 can be highly customized and tweaked, so that it doesn't have edge, cortana, windows app store or any of the bloatware (games, weather, news, xbox, etc). You can also tweak to block automatic updates, driver updates, etc.
    Telemetry is also easily blocked, so no info goes to microsoft, or anyone else for that matter.
    In the end, windows 10 can be streamlined to the bare necessities and is quite a dynamic and fast system.
  4. Reborn

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    Jul 24, 2017
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    Updates are the only reason I'm not using it. Sticking with 8.1 for now.
  5. LunaStorm


    Feb 26, 2017
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    Like Reborn I kept WIN 8.1. But I believe my PC is the real issue.
    My finances only allow me to get a basic pc ... sooo.. I ended up with a HP ProDesk 405 G2 MT Business PC. I know its real rubbish lol but its the best i can get as i said.
    The problem is the HP bloatware!! Its riddled with all sorts of useless apps for printers and other accessories and the updates start up in the background and take up all CPU and memory.
    I've always been an XP person so when I had to give that up and move 8.1 I am having trouble getting into my PC like I used to.

    I also worry if they are somehow connected so if I get rid of a HP photosmart app will it then cut me off from using a printer at all.
    Ugh I hate HP.
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  6. Rich Fireskull


    Apr 2, 2012
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    Getting rid of photosmart shouldn't have any adverse affects on you as long as you have the correct drivers for your printer installed.

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