War Of The Low Lvl

Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
well it all started today an invasion happened and me and my friend went to port royal a few minutes before the invasion many low rep pirates had started to appear on the dock we wondered where they came from and soon after that though a cloud of dust ran through port royal as lvl 14 pirates took over at the first wave we started to shoot things went well for a while untill the skeleton army started to appear near the bridge i noted a few higher lvl pirates around 30s and 40s but everything went downhill when the powder keg runners came no one thought about shooting or slashing at them and in a few minutes nearly everyone on the island was dead or dying and soon after the barricades began to fall one by one port royal had gone up in flames after we all got out of jail we ran through the town in a last minute attempt to save the mansion from jolly rogers attack little did me and my friend know jolly had arived before any of us knew we quickly finished off the group of enemies before they got to the mansion with little casualties then i checked my map to see if we missed any and then i saw jolly rogers eyes staring right at me with a trail of low lvl pirates behind him and only the small group that i had with me could withstand jolly rogers brutal attacks and soon after we got there jolly fell with i gazed upon what was left of the army of pirates and many had already fallen i then proudly declared invasions are now doomed
Well Capt Hi.....there is something to that....I find spending all my time at invasions healing low levels, using up all my tonic....where I should be out fighting.....I can't stand seeing people beg for help!
well normally i cant either but it not my fault they blow themselves up by standing right next to a keg runner and the whole point of this story is that nearly the whole server were 7-14 notoriety ppl
when i see that is almost all low level, i say, get your potions ready only help you going to be is saving the high pirates, stay in the background especially you see keg runners, you better hide, even i do,...i explain to them i get as far back as i can and use a blunderbuss.....then i crew them so they get all the points i take down, i dont get rep anymore, this seems to help,...and i explain you see jolly stay behind that green line of his, sometimes they just dont realize and need it explained in detail how to do an invasion...its really assesssing who is there, even a doll on a lot of say level 20 helps them, but level 3 or 4, i say, potion only or you good as dead,...if they dont listen, they die, and guess what, then they come back, and they get the idea,....maybe she was right.....
But i know one thing they hate is being told what to do,...so using humor with them, really helps,..i say things like be sure and fill those potion up with the fart potions , worse thing we do is take jolly down with flatulence, nothing like a good fart joke to break the ice,..they dont feel so intimidated,..good jokes never hurt,...:party: