Suggestion War Ship Balance


The War Ships are terribly balanced, with the War Brig outshining all others in most areas especially when upgraded. War Sloops aren't great for SvE, and are almost exclusively used for SvS which I'm fine with. War Galleons are just fat water cows that hold a bit more cargo. War Frigates are good SvS, but needs a bit more to compensate the lack of speed. I propose some changes that would help level the playing field as well as draw them more towards niches. My suggestions for changes to balance and cost squishing are as follows:

War Sloop
Increase cost from 20k to 30k
Increase broadsides from 14 to 16
Increase speed by 10%
These changes would make the war sloop's speed a good deal better than the Brig, and make it good for short but quick mat runs.

War Galleon

Increase cost from 40k to 50k
Increase broadsides from 24 to 26
Increase armor from 10,800 to 12,000
Increase cargo from 18 to 20
The War Galleon would become the king of long mat runs and broadsides, but the cannon and crew capacity remains low. An increase in armor helps make up for its horrendously slow speed.

War Frigate

Increase cannons from 14 to 18
Increase crew from 12 to 14
Increase armor from 12,600 to 13,000
While War Frigates don't have great mobility, broadsides, or cargo, they'd be absolute powerhouses with a full crew. The armor and raw firepower would help it not be outshone by the cargo and broadsides of a War Galleon, and make it worth sacrificing the speed of a War Brig.

War Brig
Reduce cost from 80k to 70k
Reduce broadsides from 24 to 22
Reduce armor from 12,000 to 11,500
These are minor nerfs, that would make it more a Jack of All Trades. These nerfs and the aforementioned buffs to other ships means that the War Brig wouldn't be the obvious choice over the other ships, but it would remain popular especially in regards to an upgrade like Stormchaser which still gives it a nasty amount of speed.