Glitch  Weird Cave Discovered In El Patrons Mines !

Meg Sailvane

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DISCOVERED BY: Commander Swan :D

Idk how he did it.. but i thought it was pretty cool.. lol i consider this a glitch !


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Igor say nice pic mate Igor going to have to start sniffing around in the caves
ya u just need basic glitching skills
EDIT (Oct 26, 2010 9:05 PM):
heres a riddle to the area The dowsing rod led u near and far to the mine where the dead lay under rubble at that spot run at the wall till ye go through and find the rest for ye self
I know there's one spot closer to the entrance of the mine where you can squeeze in and it takes you "outside" of the mine. There's some railroad tracks. I've used it to get right behind the room with the four ghosts and it's quite handy at times. Not always. Oh and it does weird people out to see a blue dot where they can't get to. Solitude in the mines.
EDIT (Nov 16, 2010 12:40 PM):

....Hmmmm.....I think it's the same glitch. Gotta watch where you run though or it'll take you way below or above the mines:
i agree Nell it is very useful. and at times the ghosts act like ghosts ( as in they come through ansd attack).great shots btw.and it is an interesrting place. :cool: