Discussion What song is stuck in your head?


Pirate Lord
Ahoy. We all know that a lot of times you are listening to a piece of music that somehow stuck itself in your middle conscience without your input and almost always without your permission. Be it a stupid commercial jingle, a favorite song, or the blasted tune someone was whistling as they walked by and infected you with it.

I have no cure for this, had some 80's stuff spinning in my head and it won't go away yet.

Just let us know what song title, if playing in your brain at this moment RIGHT as you read this. And if it drives you nuts sometimes.

If nothing is buzzing in the grey matter, you need not add any comments if you don't care to.

There are probably a lot of studies to why and how this happens, maybe walking by a hotdog stand cues up a memory or something. But I know this is a widely daily thing.

Thanks for reading and maybe responding.

GL ......""you've made me so very happy, I'm so glad you came into myyyy liiifffeeeeeee"" blood,sweat and tears...gaaa