What’s That On Your Face Sailor?

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What’s That On Your Face Sailor?
March 31, 2011


A permanent change is growing in the Caribbean, taking effect on all Pirates - lads and lasses -- starting Friday!
Words can't do it justice. We "must ask" you to log in and find out yourself.
But one thing we can tell you: it's BIG!!
See you in the Caribbean! Only a fool wouldn't log in.
If it's a joke, like two year's ago with the "swab the deck" joke. I'm gonna be pretty mad, that it's a mean joke if it turns out that way. :fight:
Yeah they just edited a picture of someone holding a staff and put a cannon swab there.

They did say "log in" this time. So if it's something in the game that's great. If not then that's terrible to put people threw that trouble with a joke saying "log in" and have people looking around the game trying to figure out what's "new" and "permanent" to the game. :fight:
Oh my gosh, I just thought of something... If you look closely at the picture/poster on the official potco site it looks like one of the "old islands" in the background. So you don't think they would bring them back for a day would you?
What's that on your face? egg? lol I dunno. I found this one from a couple years ago. If you have trouble finding the quest(if there is one)here are the directions from Trench.

I do hope it is a new joke ;)

April 01, 2009 06:02PM

ADMIN GM Cayman Trench


Thanks for the comments Pirates! We're glad to see you enjoying the new Cannon Swab! There are still a few of you having difficulty finding the Cannonball Quest Run - no problem, just sail to the Island of Tomfoolery and visit the Cannonball shop, ask for April Fool, she'll be glad to help you! And don't forget to "swab" the cannon bore before using the Cannon Swab - you'll not only get better accuracy with your cannon, but your cannon will shine like a new sword!