Where Can You Find Famed Sailing Items?

Will Nightwolf

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We all should know that you can find famed cannon rams from cannon defense or even fishing. And you can get sea charms almost anywhere but there commonly found at dh or tormenta.

However I don't know a single person with a famed chart or globe. Does anyone here have one and if so were can you find them.



wow Will, i have non of those famed /lost relic items andfrom the looks of them i probably would keep only one of them....Treasure Hunter's Sea Chart... the rest seem like junk (no disrespect to anybody out the reading this)
Actually I dont have any of them either and i didnt know a single person who had one so i made this thread to find out were you can get them
i don't use the sea charms and charts at all, i just toss the in the can. now cannon rams, thats a differnt story. their are some really good ones out and are very hard to find. +3 reloading speed and unlimited fury is a great one.
I got my 7 Sea's Globe sailing on my test pirate. Dont have none on my live pirates though, only rare cannon ram's :p:D
idk my sea chart is not famed but it has navigation 3 and a boost of 3 ill post it later i found it while fisshing
I got the Famed Golden Charm that has +3 Treausure sense at dark hart, like most ppl! :D

Hope this helps :)