Why Doesn't The Navy Help With The Invasions?

Captian Fear

Pirate Master
This question was posted on another fourm site and sparked a great debate. I wanted to see what you thought. Keep in mind these points:
-Port Royal is supposed to be the safe haven of the Caribbean so the Navy is obliged to defend it.
-The Navy already needs our help from "Bandits" in Cannon Denfense.
-During the Greer quest one of the officers stated that skeletons officially dont exist but unoffically they know of them. (Those aren't the exact words but they go along those lines. Main point: the Navy does know of skeletons but stays out of it.)
Besides there a military for crying out loud! And i'm not talking about levels and that but the gameplay will be more realistic if the Navy helped.
the navy in pirates are all wimps. i mean have you ever seen a navy boss? didn't think so.
i saw this guy on kingshead being attacked a mouse with an additude. as i recall the mouse won and the mouse and i had a few rounds of rum back on my ship.