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How honest are you? Do you compromise your integrity? "What Say You?"

  • If you dropped your favorite food on your kitchen floor, would you pick it up & eat it?

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  • If your pirate "dated" multiple others on the game, would you keep your secret from them?

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Shamus The Brute

In an effort to bring forth some life
back into the "neurons" situated within my brain, this thread is posted with the hope of sharing the integrity you uphold as a person & honest you remain as an individual (both on the game &/or in real).

Please try to answer all the questions within the poll to yourself & list ONE thing from it you feel happy enough to share concerning your true "character" trait which best describes you &...that which you make a personal attempt to uphold as an individual.

"Yes," I admit...I do pick up food sometimes off my kitchen floor if I happen to drop it!

I give it the TEN SECOND rule. *If it is there any longer...I look over both my shoulders, pick up whatever it is & take a small "bite" for myself before I toss it, lol.

Stranger's wallet: Yep, done it before, and I'd do it again. Nothing like paying it forward!
Food: Dog would probably get it before me, but if it didn't look bad, then sure, why not?
Movie: Nah, catch the next showing.
Gold glitch: I'm quite happy with what I can get legally, thanks.
Dating: When in a relationship, never cheat. Worst thing in the world.
Scary Mary: Maybe, probably watch for a minute, leave, and not do it again.
Wallet: Yah, I would. There's really no point in ME keeping it. I have my own.
Food: Eh... proooobably not.
Movie: If I had paid for the ticket, but the place was full, of course I'm going to just sit on the steps and watch. Otherwise, no.
Gold: This one is tricky... I will admit I did use it quite a few times, but that was usually for minor pirates that I kept backup gold and and clothes on, on the off chance trading ever comes out.
Dating: I don't date in game. Period. And even if I did, to date multiple people? No, it's wrong, because while all you see are pixels, there's still a PERSON behind the screen.
Scary Mary: I'll definitely watch her do her crazy dance in game. It's amusing. If she was real is where things turn out differently.
"Yes," I admit...I do pick up food sometimes off my kitchen floor if I happen to drop it!

I give it the TEN SECOND rule. *If it is there any longer...I look over both my shoulders, pick up whatever it is & take a small "bite" for myself before I toss it, lol.


I kiss it then point it up to the sky lol
Aye I'll look at Mary, sometimes I dance with her! However, If it was something like a lost wallet, Id return it, I did it before, but with someones Keys
  • Wallet: Yes, I would return it.
  • Food on the floor: Depends on the food, but I probably eat it because I'm just not much of a waster.
  • Movie: Yea chances are I would sneak in lolz
  • Gold glitch: Why, of course!! Getting gold the NORMAL way is waaay too hard.
  • Multiple dating: Never ever ever. Cheating is terrible... Especially when you don't know anyone you're talking to.
  • Scary Mary Dance: OK I admit it sometimes I do watch her dance for the enjoyment. Only in-game.. Would call the cops if it was real :eek:
- Stranger's wallet: Definitely I would return it to the owner. Imagine you were in that person's shoes, you would hope for a good-hearted person who had found it to be honest and come forward. Happened more than once to me, even though they were in a pretty close community so I knew who they were.
- Food on the floor: 2 (yes, two) seconds rule, depends on the kind of food and depends on how 'desperate' I am (I usually save the best for last - better not drop it on the floor :D). Ice cream or something soggy, forget it.
- On Stranger Tides: If the movie theater could sell the ticket, they'd better give me my seat. If my right is not given, they'd better be ready for me to come and file my case. I wouldn't leave until I have an answer even if I'd have to wait for the next show.
- Gold glitch: It's a 'glitch', not my wrong doing. It's there for the taking. Yes, I'd definitely take advantage of it.
- Dating: Never cheat, it only brings the bad luck right back at you. Same thing with stranger's wallet, if I don't want others to do it to me, I'd never do it to you.
- Scary Mary: Does she dance? Really? Where have I been ... I never knew it. I don't really care if she dances at all or not.
1.Yes i would return a wallet
2.Depends on how long its been on the floor under 5 seconds yes
3.Yes i would sneak in
4.Yes i would take advantage of it! Im a pirate!
5.I dont ever cheat on people because ive had it happen to me, its also cruel
6.I wouldnt exactly call that a dance
1. For sure I'd return it, because there's another list where this is #8 no-no.
2. I have, so yeah!
3. No, but I have walked into a movie theater, sat down, and realized it was the end of the movie I went to watch, and I was in the wrong theater lol
4. Jukka has oceanic transportation, nice threads, ink, rare jewelry, and plenty of gold in his satchel to fund his gambling addiction, so naw, he wouldn't.
5. Jukka is single (and he's just fine with that), and doesn't believe in having multiple girlfriends just like me.
6. No, her issues, have issues, so I maintain a safe distance and avoid eye contact.
1) yes, its the right thing to do.
2) no, I've got plenty of clean food I can eat.
3) Depends, if I bought a ticket yes.
4) yes, that's what pirates do.
5) no, first off I don't date online period, second cheating on people is wrong.
6) yes, from a safe distance.
1) I would do it for several reasons:
Golden rule
It would probably hurt me in the long run
2) No, i have no wish to be sick.
3) I will get what my money's worth
4) Nope.
5)No pixel dating for me, thank you very much. And no, multiple GF's is wrong. That creates drama. No need for it, both in RL and in game.
6) Much rather trip her and take her gold. Pirate.
  • Wallet: Yes I would return it becuase there is no point in me keeping some stranger's money who needs it more than i do.
  • Food: Dog would be my human vacuum cleaner for food dropped on the ground.
  • Movie: No i would not sneak in to see it i would probably go to a store to look around for new clothes or something like that or a resturant to grab something to eat while im waiting for the next showing to go to.
  • Gold: Nope i would not do the glitch. 1. Because i don't know how to do it, and 2. because im fine with the gold i get on my own.
  • Dating multiple pirates: No i would not date multiple pirates at the same time if i even did date pirates because cheating on ANYONE in ANY relationship is never good. It's gets you nowhere.
  • Scary Mary: Yes i would probably stop and watch her for a moment and then get on with my quest or looting or whatever i was going to do before hand.
1. yes i would return the wallet after i took a dollar for a soda lol
2. depends on what it was... if it were like puding no i would wipe that up but maybe something like chips sure lol
3. no ive already seen it :p but if i paid.. yea i would say GET OUT THERES A FIRE XD
4. uh yea i cant get banned for a glitch so why not?
5. no i dont date people on pirates in the first place
6. ...yes... lol same thing with crazy ned if its not night lol
1... yes because i would want someone to do the same for me
2...haha yes... it doesn't bother me
3... it depends on the chances of getting caught..
4... heck yes... gimme the gold D:
5... honestly... well.. unless you are going steady in a relationship, then it's not like your married.. your still 'single'. but i would inform them before dating the other person..
6... no but i have seen her in the clubs dancing on the tables