Release Notes 2018-2-10 tlopo-rc-v1.9.6

  • Immunities given by weapons are now functional!
  • Infamy badges can now be displayed on ship nametags.
  • Invasions will now start at random times!
  • PvP tattoos are now able to be purchased at Infamy vendors!
  • Fixed a district reset related to ship repair.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the core infrastructure of our districts.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be unable to pick up the Valentine's Day quest if they had previously completed it last year.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Deprecated some old GUI options in the Infamy Accessory and Tattoo stores that related to legacy inventories.
  • Improved moderation tools.
  • Localizer typo corrections and updates.
  • Significantly improved our server security features.
  • Updated our database software to the latest version.
  • Updated our server engine to the latest version; bringing more stability and other misc. improvements.
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Jack Spark

Honorable Pirate
I already feel the difference. It's running very smoothly now! Thanks very much guys! Doing a great job. Sorry if I've ever complained before, I know this is what is trying to be fixed. It's getting even better.


Pirate Apprentice
Nice job! Hey could we please please please please get a scroll bar for ship loot? :)
I was just about to make a suggestion for that!
Yes! Please! I just want the rare loots from my voyages, not any of those "brown loots" that I have to accept before getting to the valuable ones.


Pirate Lord
Not sure ........ I just finished anothe snow removal !! Tired of this snow !! 4 days of back to back snow !!!! Wish it would stay North in Minn or Wisc

justin time

Sea Legs
ok last question? why cant the staff like let us know how long the update I don't get it play game a lot I appreciate it but new updates would be great thanks