Almost Completely Evil Curse of Doom Free


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Recently giving some thought to the Evil Curse of Doom element of the Raven's Cove quests and Cursed Weapons of El Patron.

Originally, Disney intended to create a new long-term storyline following Raven's Cove concerning the Evil Curse of Doom and the pirate player having to check his hand for signs of the curse upon their person.

Obviously, this never materialized, but some had wondered what the development team's intentions were for this.

Logically, the idea could have been to balance adding more powerful weapons with a downside to their use. Getting the Curse was likely something you took a chance on anytime your pirate used a Cursed Weapon. The chances could have built higher the more you did so. I can even see some kind of indicator or meter that the Curse's power was building within your pirate.

To support that, I cite the game says "(PirateName) looks almost completely Evil Curse of Doom free". ALMOST would imply that there may have been other levels of response like "SOMEWHAT CURSED" or "DEFINITELY CURSED" in future.

The big question was WHAT the Curse and what would it do to your pirate?

A farely logical and common theory is that it tied to the Kraken.

"Lore wise, the black spot is a locator beacon of sorts, a tracking curse for Davy Jones. Capt. Jack Sparrow confirmed this in the 2nd movie, after visiting Tia Dalma. The only way to stave off the curse, is to stay on land. However, this makes less sense in game, as you can teleport, or stowaway to the main islands." - Aetherion (Pirates Forums)

Maybe the Evil Curse would attract the Kraken to attack your ship. The problem I have with this theory is not only can you avoid sailing by teleportation, but also it unfairly punishes the rest of a ship's crew if they are sunk / KO'ed for the other player's Curse. Of course, the dev team could never make the Kraken work properly even in Beta so it seems unlikely that they were still trying to make it work years later or had to give up on this direction entirely

Even so, moving forward, the Legends team have indicted they would not be continuing that storyline direction.

So, could the Evil Curse of Doom still feature somehow in TLOPO?

I had some ideas to that end.

1) The Curse could attract enemies. A Cursed person becomes an enemy magnet, aggro'ing nearby baddies to themselves until they are KO'ed which resets the Curse level.

While this may only be a distraction for a mastered pirate in a low level area, it could still mean trouble in more dangerous areas traveling solo. And an invasion for a Cursed pirate could be nightmarish.

2) The Cursed pirate attracts a NEW kind of enemy. Like Bounty Hunter ships, special boss enemies could pursue a Cursed pirate, popping up randomly until the Pirate is KO'ed and the Curse resets.

This could make for fun game-play as crews form around their Cursed mate, and await the baddies coming for him.

3) The Curse turns you into a baddie, like a Ghost or Jumbee. Like the Muertos Moon Curse BUT only for the Cursed Pirate. A twist on this might be that they are weakened to prevent a mastered Cursed pirate from slaughtering innocents until they're put down.

Another twist on this idea could be the Cursed pirate MUST return to Raven's Cove to either perform a task or kill a Ghost enemy to become normal again and reset the Curse.

I'm curious what you mates think.


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Ahoy, Eliza!

The emote has always been a mainstay of imagination as to what Disney ever planned behind it. Though, now that you mention the feature having a link to the player's ship (Say, a Sea Monster of sorts..)--

I do think that this might eventually become something linked to the eventual release of the Caribbean Expansion and all the new tales of old it brings aboard this undervalued Pirate MMORPG in the likes of something we've never seen before. I am more than excited to be able to experience it with all the lovely faces I've met aboard as well!

Fair Winds,