Corsair Covenant's wicked revenge.


Honorable Pirate
Corsair Covenant 800 A.D. population: 150
It was dreadful as the days went on as undead hordes had raided the free lands of the Corsairs. Their leader Mark Cannonmalley was defeated. Alas his final words were, " if i die you will die some day too. " Those were the last breaths and words of the great leader. Corsairs were defeated and all whom was living had been executed. The Corsairs who escaped had sworn revenge on the undead.

Corsair Covenant 1300 A.D. population: 5000
It was in the time of many wars. The Corsairs had finally begun to revolt. The time had come for the people of this time. Yet again Jolly Roger's hordes had defeated the Corsairs and had done the same thing as had 500 years ago. Corsairs were defeated yet again.

Corsair Covenant 2000 A.D. population : 37500
10 years earlier the Corsairs decided they need a Guild leader. Someone who would lead the Corsairs. Nobody volunteered to the job. So they came to Sapphire Fury, woman who lived deep in the forests. She accepted the invite, and became the ruler of Corsairs. As of the Corsairs who lived nearly 1200 years ago whom had sworn revenge, on the undead army of Jolly roger. They were about to redeem themselves. Sapphire fury the leader of the Corsairs ordered to attack the empire of Jolly Roger.

When they arrived at nightfall, they had no idea we were there. The great Generals and leaders a couple ranks under Sap were : Christopher Cannonskull, Basil darkratte, Ben badbones, and a descendant of Mark Cannonmalley, Juju. We landed ashore. Quickly and quietly we moved through the beach. There were not many undead guarding or watching the beach. We snuck behind them and took them out. As the army of nearly 30000 moved in, we divided the army into smaller groups. 5000 Went with Sapphire, 2000 with Basil, 4000 with Chris, 5000 with Ben badbones, and 3000 with Juju. The rest just followed any of the leaders they wanted. Just as we were about to move into the great undead city Sap heard gunshots firing on the army following basil. Before Sap and her followers could get there, Chris got there first. Many of the Corsairs had bayonets and muskets, so it was easier at long range.

As the whole city was now under attack, undead had started coming from everywhere. There was a estimate of about 50000 at most. We kept firing, firing, firing, til there were too many. Quickly we had our swords in our hand and were ready to fight. Juju's flank had succeeded and made it into the town. Tis gave an advantage to everyone else. Alot of undead had stopped attacking the other flanks and went straight to Juju's followers. In moments I ( Ben badbones ) was the center of attention. Undead came from everywhere. Chris saw we need help. He left his followers and few followed. About 20 or so ppl came flying in on my left side. Chris had raged after the undead attacking me.
Chris jumped into the battle and did all sorts of tactical moves and attacks. It was not til he made a mistake that he had been hit. Nobody had seen it happen. Nobody heard it. Nobody knew.
less then 1000 remained of undead. Chris trying to get away with whatever strength he had found help.
The last of the undead were defeated. Jolly Roger saw that he was outnumbered. 10000 against Jolly roger. JR was finished off and the Corsairs had avenged their ancestors and their great leader Mark.
The Corsairs were at peace.

Sorry i messed up the last paragraph... it should be shorter...
In which era did/do you, and Chris, and Basil, and Sapphire live, Ben? Are you all kind of Highlanders? Immortals? ;)