Disneys Potc Customer Rep

James O'martin

Pirate Lord
hey anyone know how to change graphics btw? There used to be a button you could press with the login screen. I don't see caribbean water anymore like the turquoise water. All I see is blue water.
I can remember the first time I called Pirates Online this is what my convo with the lady was-
Rep. : Hello how may I help you today?
Me : Hi I was just calling about my account.
Rep. : Okay what problems are you having?
Me : I got an email saying I was banned for saying "did you see those things on discovery channel last night? the dams they built were great". I mean, I just don't understand, I wasn't using the word in an inappropriate way. And if you didn't want people using it then why is it an allowed word?
Rep. : Have you reviewed Club Penguins rules?
Me : .....

its because most of the disney games rules are the same and the chat guide lines and rules are most likely the same and thats why they asked u that