Event DreadPoet's Storytime -- 12/18 --the 2017 SURPRISE GRAND FINALE

Dread Poet Roberts

Honorable Pirate

In celebration of Storytime coming back to the Caribbean, the Final Storytime of 2017 will be a SPECIAL EVENT SURPRISE at a SPECIAL LOCATION. We will NOT start in the Grotto. I repeat do not go to the Grotto-- you'll miss all of the action.

All attendees should converge on Poderoso server --Port Royal -- ROWDY ROOSTER TAVERN on Monday December 18 at 10:15PM Eastern time/ 7:15 PM Pacific Time and then move outside the tavern at 10:30PM.

All pirates will be FOLLOWING the action in several scenes and locations. Please look for the candle holders (Pirates holding Red and Green Staffs) to light the way between the locations.

Special thanks to the cast and crew for what we are about to do. If you want to be involved, we need 1-2 more extras and 1-2 more high level pirates with staffs to act as candle holders. Private message me if interested.