Good luck, Camber!


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Our dear friend and Forums member Camber, who is serving in the Marines, is going to be deployed overseas in 5 days, counting from tomorrow. I'm one of those who would not like to say good bye ... But he is serving our country, to make sure that my freedom of fear is guaranteed here in my country. What a noble profession!

So, good luck, Camber ... Take good care of yourself! If you have free time, please check on us here at the Forums or on the game. We'd like to see pictures or change in your profile picture with interesting pics while you are there! And thank you for serving, you and all the men and women in uniform are greatly appreciated! :)

Charlotte Truebonney

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What a wonderful post Jade. Aw, Camber best of luck to you and know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers. I too would like to thank you for serving and protecting our freedom, really appreciate you and all our men and women in service. Take care Camber and stay safe.


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Aww, I'm nothing, Charlotte ... Camber is THE MAN! He so deserves it!

And You. Have. To. Come. Back. Safely. OK, Camber? :D

Looking forward to see you back here when you come back!

Rose Sunslipper

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WHOA! Already only 5 days!?? Time goes by fast. Even though I don't really know you, thank you for serving our country, as it is a great one. Stay safe and keep our country safe at the same time. Sending luck your way!


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I hate to say goodbye, Camber, but you are serving our country and that's something most of us would be scared to do.
Good luck and stay safe my friend! :parrot:

Kate Goldwalker

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I'm an Air Force Brat. My dad served for 20 years. Though he never went to war he was very much involved behind the scenes. We were stationed in Cali during the first Gulf War. When the attacks on 9/11/01 happened, I remember being very worried that he would be called back into action.

I have so much respect for all of those who serve, no matter what branch of the military. It takes so much dedication, respect and love for this great nation and those who live here to make this kind of scarafice. A lot of people dont realize that its not just those that wear the uniform that serve. Its also the spouses and children and parents of those who fight for our freedoms that serve along side them. I hope that all of us here in the forums and outside of this Pirate life can truly appreciate what you do. Thank you so much. God bless you and those who will be there along side you, your family and friends. Come home safe.