*in The Potco Page* Checking For Updates: This Could Take A Few Minutes : 156 Minutes Remaining....

Are you tired of havin' to go through this every update

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7 HOURS!??!?! OMG!!! Just download launcher!! O_O
I like my patience and i like yer creativity btw its 7 hours 34 MINS that counts too btw now its 74 and only 7:55 hours to go see patience is a virtue

What do u suggest to end my problem please i beg u ivnt been on for a month 
OMG Capt....what in the world? It takes a few mins for me!
oh ye know half the story now when i reached 73 it said error something (you now it the one you get a mad rage when you see) and i hit dont send and boom closed and it restarted now im exactly 78%  thats the only reason im in this forum
I ENVY u too takes 200 mins for me in the update plus 2 hours in the luanchin deck

*cry cry* *shouts* life's soooo unfair

me to thats how long it takes for me
EDIT (Mar 23, 2011 at 7:46 PM):
how do u find launcher. if anyone knows link could u post it. please