Long Live Jason Shipmonger (CABIN BOY)

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Jason Shipmonger

Honorable Pirate
As the Governor of Port Royal offered me a job as a Navy Cabin Boy, I accepted it, and that is how I lived. But my shifts felt long in the hot summer days on a ship, working hard to earn my money, and to get no reputation from the captains and commodores on the ship. But that didn't matter to me, all that mattered me at that time was to complete my duties as a Cabin Boy.
Captain James Howe was the only nice guy and the Navy who knew me most, I did all the things her ordered without hesitation. So, enough from my thoughts and on to the story:
"Jason, I need you to go to the poop deck and get some stuff for me." Ordered Captain Howe.
" Will do, but can you tell me what you need first?" I said.
"Ah, of course, I need some flask bottles and I lost me badge there, can you find it and bring it back to me?"
"Sure thing Captain!" I responded.
As I went to the poop deck, two commanders were there, I tried to avoid them and got the flask bottles without really looking hard, but the badge was hard to find. Captains' badges were small diamond shaped gold and shiny badges, the captains needed it to get into Forts and to show their reputation to other Navy guards.
"Where can that bloody badge be?" I thought.
I looked around EVERYWHERE, until I finally found it on the bookshelf.
"Finally!" I thought.
As I went to grab the badge, a gold coin fell off and bounced on the floor.
"What in the world?" I whispered to myself, I picked it up, and saw that it was a pirates' coin, a Aztec Cursed coin. The reason I know this, me mum and father used to wear these, to show pirates' pride.
I grabbed my shoelace and tied it and put it on me neck, hid it under me navy red uniform, where no Navy scum could see.
I went up to the deck, searching for Captain Howe, but non the less I saw Commodore Bart Gunswine.
"Hey you, Cabin Boy what are YOU doing with a Captains' badge?"
I was about to say it was Captains Howe's badge, but that would get him fired for un-organization, especially with a captains badge.
"Um, I found it on the floor and was gonna return it." I said.
"You imbecil, you shouldn't touch things that are higher rank than you!" Gunswine said.
TO BE CONTINUED, I might post it later. ;)
Hope you like it.
Commander Bart Gunswine is a nasty EITC Commander. He's the main commander here on the HMS Predator. Some say he's so nasty, that his mother gave him away when he was little, ironic huh? Well on to the story:
"I was gonna give it back, I promise!" I said.
"Yeah well, you're gonna end up in chains!" Commander Gunswine responded. He snapped his fingers and ordered 2 Navy Guards to take me to the Cells, as they took me, I threw the badge in me hands and it hit Captain Howe in the leg. Now that's good aim, but I was more concerned on how I was gonna get out of this situation.
Any who, I was struggling to get out of their grasp, I kicked one of them in the shin, and he wimpered worse than I do.
I broke loose from the second guard, and ran like a bolt of lightning into mid-town.
I soon saw that the rest of them were already on my tail, running towards me.
I entered a old warehouse, it was made out of old wood, of course. But it was cool and old at the same time, the shelves filled with broadswords, cutlass, sabres anything you can imagine. Pistols were hung on the ceilings, and there was a ladder toward them.
I finally took one of the cutlasses on the wall, and was prepared to fight for me life!
Then a man took a cutlass and pointed at me back, barely cutting my skin.
"Please, I'm just a boy!" I said.
"Do what I say, or I'll run you through!" Said the man.
"Yes, Yes, Yes, I'll do whatever just don't kill me!" I responded.
He put down his cutlass, still touching the tip though.
"Put your weapon down!" The man ordered.
I put it down, and I put my hands up.
"Your wearing navy scum clothes, that's never a good thing." He said.
"I-I-I'm just a Cabin Boy, please believe me!" I responded.
I couldn't believe how cowardly I was at the moment, he already put his sword down...
To be continued...
:) :rumgone:
At the part when he says " Your wearing navy scum clothes," it seems that the man hates the Navy. Which led me to believe that's he EITC, or someone else?
"Captain, are you sure we will find it?" Cabin Boy Billy asked the captain.
"Billy, let me tell you something. I have been searching for this for over 20 years, I must find it. I don't care if it takes all my life, I must search, because you never know what you could stumble across in the wide blue sea." Captain Thayer explained.
"Who knows, someone could have found that legendary sunken ship already." Billy said.
"If someone found it we would already be dead, now I think you have a deck to swab." The captain said.
"Aye aye, sir." Billy said. Billy walked off to go get a mop and bucket.
"Anything catching your eye, Peter?"
"Nothing so far, captain." Peter told the captain. The captain grumbled. Peter was a lookout who lived up on the mast, searching out of his telescope for clues to the sunken ship that was said to contain lost weapons and riches.
"Wait, I see something.." Peter said.
"Huh? What is it?" The captain yelled up to him.
"Enemy ship off the starboard about a mile away. It sees us and it's coming straight toward us!" Peter exclaimed.
"Everyone, listen up! Get ammo from the storage room and man a cannon, we have been spotted by a Navy Kingfisher!" The captain ordered. Everyone was rushing around the Frigate. When everyone was settled at a cannon, the kingfisher was very close.
"Fire!" The captain ordered. Everyone shot round shots at the hull of the mighty war ship. A couple shots missed, but many hit, but the hull didn't catch fire.
"Again! Fire!!!!" The captain yelled again. This time, everyone hit the port bow of the ship and it caught fire. By that time the ship turned at the starboard side, where there was no damage. From here we could hear the navy captain yelling "Ready!! Aim..."
He's about to fire again, fire everything! NOW!!!" The captain yelled.
"Fire all we got and then take them to davy jones locker!" The navy captain yelled. By then it was complete chaos. We were firing all of our shots at them, and so were they. We began to shoot firebrand at them, and their hull caught fire easily.
"Alright, their ship is on fire, switch back to round shot. We do not need to waste it. Fire at will!" The captain was a great leader, and we won many battles with him. We flooded the other ship with round shot. The enemy ship was about to be sunken when the captain shouted "Wait! Parlay!"
We both stopped firing at each other. The ship came closer to us and put down a plank connecting our ships.
"Ready your weapons, but don't attack until instructed." The captain ordered, whispering.
"Please sir, we would like to set up a parlay with you to let us go free." The navy captain begged.
"Hmm..." The captain thought. " How much of a parlay are you willing to offer to let you go free?" Our captain asked.
"1,490 gold pieces." The navy captain said.
"1,490?" Our captain said.
"Please, it's all I have, I just bought this war sloop." The Navy captain begged.
"That is a proposition I can accept." Captain Thayer said. They shook on it, but then something awful happened. The Navy captain was shaking with 1 hand, but his other hand was in his pocket. As they were shaking, with the Navy captain's free hand, he pulled out a knife and swiped at the captain's heart, and he fell to his knees. His last words were "Kill them. Pivot is now the captain." He said. Then he fell to the ground, dead. The navy captain laughed. "Fool". He murmured. I was paralyzed by the captain dying so much, and I'm sure this happened to everyone else in the crew too, that I forgot that my given name is Pivot, now Captain Pivot.

~ Next Chapter : Parlay with my knife ~
Check in every now and then to find if its available or not. Until then, Set sail is available, I hope you enjoyed!

~ Eric Guneagle, Savvy? ~:cannon::xbones:
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