P3dpythonw.exe Error

Have you ever had the p3dpythonw.exe error pop-up on your computer?

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Pirate Master
I recintly put a new video card in and ever since then right before I get to the loading screen on POTCO a warning saying "p3dpythonw.exe Threat Deteted." pops-up in the bottom right cornner. Then right after you see "Prepairing To Set Sail" it goes to POCTO's "Report A Bug" screen. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
Um.... ok... I also read on POF that I wasn't the only one that had replaced their video card and had this problem but it didn't say how they fixed it.
I get this when I'm in a loading screen.... It's always done it. :p That's why I switched to launcher but looks like I can't use that anymore either!
When pirates does an update, I receive this warning. I disable my anti- virus and firewall software. After the game is loaded, and I am on the game, I turn it back on.
Kinda afraid to do that cause knowing the last time I did that it messed up my computer...
Well you don't have to, and are doing so at your own risk, but disabling it momentarily shouldn't cause problems as long as you are careful. Otherwise just report it and hope it gets fixed soon.
Because Disney intends to phase out support for the Launcher, which is, in my experience, a million times more reliable than the awful browser version.

Ohhh, that's the reason I always had hard times loading it from the website ... that error message ... I have no problem what-so-ever using the Launcher. And why would they want to phase out the Launcher? Not having advertisements in there or some more technical things?
lol just reinstall it from gamestops main websight

Gamestop's main website u can do it from there??? Didn't know they had it on there... :confused: Find out new things everyday....

:confused: So many different ways people are telling me to try... Getting confused... Will have to figure this out and try it tomorrow. :D
The browser version opens up a larger market to them.
Since (in their eyes), the browser version "works" for everyone, they want to cut support for the launcher. One less thing to maintain I guess.

What would we do without you, Davy. Thank you for the insight. Many times, I guess we should look @ things through the eyes of the Mouse. More often than not, $$ (money) $$ seems to be the driving force behind a lot of things, in life. *Makes "perfect" sense now, to me as a player. Thanks again :)