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For whatever reason, it often appears that the way sailing loot is calculated occasionally becomes buggy on certain servers, which results in an inordinately large probability of finding famed and legendary items from loot containers collected at sea. With this taken into consideration, I can understand why it might seem unwise to add new, valuable weapons which can only be collected at sea.

Nevertheless, I do think the game would be improved by breaking the monotony of "standing in caves" and adding more incentives to plunder on the high seas (maybe even a legendary sailing item). If the precariousness of sailing loot can't be fixed, maybe the solution is to make new items purchasable with sailing materials a la Silver Striker during the Yuletide event.

For example, Norrington's Spyglass could be sold at a vendor for 3000 Grog (or any new material). You can bet that loads of people would get together to do some material runs if that was on the table.

Something to consider, aye? I'd certainly love to have a reason to spend more time at sea :)


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I actually really like the thought of this. I don't think the current loot system would fit the sea very good. Especially since, despite the changes made to sailing loot, i'm still losing skulls upon porting. And since sailing is based entirely around bounty hunters I think this would fit well.

One thought I had regarding sailing loot was to have the SOTL in a fleet drop a special "fleet" chest that would have a percentage of around say 10 percent of dropping a sailing legendary. Of course TLOPO would probably need to adjust sailing loot again to finally make it so you get everything you earned by sinking ships when you port.

Regardless if tlopo were to add more sailing famed and legendaries, I dont think that loot runs should be the way to get them. Not until sailing loot is fixed

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It’s true that sailing loot is still buggy, this goes both to and against a player’s advantage. You may find easy loot continuously or nothing continuously and yet other times loot comes out about as intended. I’m sure some will disagree and say I’m crazy and that rng is just that way, to which I say bull. You get stuff that’s not on your manifest and you don’t get stuff that is, you get 5 famed and a legendary in 6 skulls, you get no famed in 100 skulls, this is not rng it’s a bug.

I’m against putting more legendaries up for sale and I’m against releasing the Norrington but I do like the idea of a legendary or two for sailing and have thought that both the Fleets and the QAR should qualify for a boss only type legendary.

I think the bugs need to be fixed first though.


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I thought you were against the idea of being able to purchase lootable items especially legendaries?
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I don't know how I didn't see this thread before, but regardless I love the idea, and I personally agree that Legendary weapons should no longer have the vast majority locked to land loot. I feel as if the High Seas and Invasions are both huge contenders for potential legendary (or otherwise) droprates, and it would be awesome to see players having a reason to put their ships on the high seas after they've finished upgrading them.

I also think it would be pretty cool to see some type of special container, or indication on the sea when you've obtained a rare container that may or may not contain a Legendary sailings-specific weapon or item.

I thought you were against the idea of being able to purchase lootable items especially legendaries?
Me personally, I don't recall ever reading that somewhere or hearing it either. If that is the case, that frustration is far past existent with the implementation of Silver Striker as a purchasable (and lootable) weapon this last Yuletide event. I don't think buying legendaries is a firsthand problem, however, I do feel as if they are infinitely more powerful than something that is through random loot, THEN there would definitely be some visible frustration.

I won't put words in your mouth though, @Beggar. Great idea, and that definitely would be a look on the horizon.
I love the idea of sailing getting some more purpose behind it right now the only real purpose is to Max out a few ships and search for some rare items but the issue is once you get those rare items you kind of run out of content.

It would be great to see the ability to trade/sell ship materials or use them to purchase special items from vendors