Should Disney Keep Removing Servers With Maintenance?

They even took Bimos, my guild server!
Here is what disney says and what they have repeated to many other players who have asked.

"Hello Leo,

Thank you for your detailed feedback and we will definately take it into consideration.

In regards to your question about the recent server changes, we reduced the number of Oceans available not only to optimize playability but also to bring Pirates together in a closer Community. The Oceans still available enjoy the most robust daily population of Pirates and still offer a good range of very active to quieter play experiences to choose from.

We apologize for any confusion this change may have caused you and hope you find the new server experience to your liking.

Best, "

Now i got no more comments as IDK how the server are made or work or if you have to pay for them. But Disney is not gonna say that anyway so they just said to "optimize" and "brink pirates closer..."
But now if they are removing them due to their budget can they be blamed? Every time i used to see the server list, more than half was quiet so no one can afford to just pay empty or quiet servers. Gotta remember that They care more about the $$$$$ than they probably care about our fun although more fun for players = more $$$ for Disney but they did what they saw reasonable. Best thing to do is just keep asking to bring back servers.