Soo... What after maxing...

What do you do after you max

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I just walk around now lol, not much to do. I use my Live pirate to make videos or talk to friends, that is unless there is a new quest
Igor says this is a good question mate. Igor always seam to have so much to do and not enough time to do it on the high seas. Igor think this forum is a great place for Mastered pirates to find things to do!! Igor say here you can find events or clubs to join. Igor say and if there isn't something going on that you like you can start your own event/meeting or club!!
you first learn pvp then you learn svs then Cannon defense then potions then learn glitches find glitches watch tv run up to a random person and scream DADDY/MOMMY go to abassa and watch ppl fight
well after u get to notoriety lvl 50 not much especially sense i have max gold all there is to do is loot pvp/svs so currently im looking for a new game and im still waiting on swtor
Aside from looting, leveling smaller pirates, helping others, and so forth, I keep myself entertained in game mainly through playing and hanging out with my friends and guildmates. Group and guild events, parties, etc. etc. are the kind of things I try to keep frequent in my guild, because the majority of our members do have maxed out pirates.

So, it's not like the game is completely unplayable with a maxed out pirate - you just need a little creativity, and a good group of compadres.
I haven't maxed yet, but for now im stuck with basic. After i get unlimited back should max in about a few months...