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What's that one moment that pops into your head when you view the old POTCO?
For me, the first moment that always comes to my head is in the caves of Padres and I killed a guard and got a famed saber, it honestly was something that has stuck with me since. It's my go-to when I think about the past memories with it, obviously there are other memories that I'm sure were cooler. That memory is what sticks in my head though and it'd be cool to hear your all's go-to's :D
On a side note, I'll be hunting for that saber in that exact spot to get that saber back

Grey Vice

I've got two.

-When I met my first guild, the guildmaster was casting spells with his staff upon the walls of Fort Charles in Port Royal.
-On my old PC, AFK at the cannon on a public war galleon.
Sitting on a SvS frigate using the grenades to try to damage ships instead of using the cannons. I thought that they damaged ships if I landed the grenades at the time.


1.) When I got the revenant ram for the first time and
2.) When I got my favorite cutlass, the Black Shark Blade from Tomas Blanco and
3.) Maxing out my 1st skull and bones hulk VI War Frigate


Pirate Lord
The one moment i remember clearly is purchasing my Mardi gras boots.. Will always love them and its a shame I haven't been able to buy them again yet.

Jack Firesteel

Pirate Master
The clearest and dearest memories I have almost entirely are of sailing the seas on my ships. From the first time I sailed the seas to the last, my heart never felt more free my whole life.

Guess I'm a sailor at heart, eh?

But as for a single moment, it'd be when I purchased my first War Galleon and rampaged the seas around Padres with her.


Pirate Apprentice
The one moment when i remember POTCO when it first released. The islands, what they looked like before hand, seeing how it was then and now.


I started playing the old POTCO back when it was in Beta as well. Once it went live, some of the best memories I have were the times our guild would all gather whenever someone needed to rescue the Pearl. We made many a Pearl Run and took great joy in getting out almost unscathed. Our guild played every nite, and were always there to help each other in any way we could. I made a lot of friends whom I still stay in touch with thru social media. We have already started rebuilding the guild here. Now if we canjust get back on the bloody seas, all will be right again. Hardy harr mateys.


Sea Legs
For me its distinctly running up the hill of old port royal to fort charles, listening to viva la vida by cold play. My brain relates that song to 2008 potco.


Notorious Pirate
Remembering when I got my rev and phantom rams on same CD run and got so giddy I spilt my jack all over myself and not caring did about 18 hours straight svs


Pirate Apprentice
The few memories that have stuck with me are:
1. Sitting with my brother when we were like seven and taking on ships and enemies
2. Getting the revenant ram and world water blade on the SAME DAY
3. Sinking a flagship solo


Pirate Lord
It's sad how little I remember from potco but the one thing I won't forget is the night I got very lucky at Dark Hart and got a ton of brights and my 2nd lost sword :)

Punkin Pie

Pirate Lord
I have a lot of those Potco "moments".
One time I was in the gold room alone and got distracted admiring my loot. I got TKO'd and I said in guild chat "Dang! If I wasn't in a loot coma I'd still be alive", and like 5 seconds later 4 of the guys had unexpectedly ported in to save me! I was soo surprised and happy they came. :D:happy:

Solomon Helmfitte

Notorious Pirate
A few moments that really stand out for me were:

1. Seeing and being attacked by the Fire Bats on Ravens for the first time and have a high level friend Kat deal to them with throwing knives. :high5:
2. The day I finally maxed my lv6 Copper Head War Galleon my first maxed War Ship.:hugs:
3. Seeing the magical Gold Room on Tormenta first time as a low level Pirate.:D
4. Randomly discovering the hidden entrance to the Cave of Lost Souls, on my own, one misty evening on Ravens Cove.:eek:
:pirate ship: