Glitch the end of the world glitch!!!!!!!

Punkin Pie

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This glitch is great, a friend of mine taught it to my guild, I think everyone does it now. Rake in the materials with little or no damage :D and barely any repairs yay!


It isn't a glitch, but it is sure useful.

It can also be done on islands if you don't like sailing way out and back, just a little more tricky that way.

James Gunrage

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Yeah, defintely not a glitch, but works like a charm.

NOTE: Just remember to give it a little "gas" (couple of extra left arrow or right arrow clicks) when they (hunters and warships) are coming up behind you. If they get right behind you they will fire and give some damage. Use your compass to range how far they are from you once you're surfing--wanna make sure your crew is at a good firing distance and the hunter/warships are close enough for your broadsides to hit also.

If the hunters / warships start disappearing or leaping back and forth, stop, turn around and find another corner of the world and start again. Usually only happens once per long material run, if at all.

Hector Hullgull

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Finally a how-to for this :D now i can stop randomly guessing what to do and how to do it...(lets just say i sunk alot cause of trial and error:p )
Me too rofl I tried the glitch thinking it must be easy enough to do, and then I got in the red so my friend took over and I repaired :confused:

James Gunrage

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Again, not a glitch imo. Been playing around with end of world since starting game in late '09. In old guild, we'd have ships chase us out there just for the fun of it -- bored I guess with nothing to do. I think the game is just designed that way -- nothing special ya gotta do except keep sailing 'til ya get to the edge. I've never thought of it as a true glitch.


I still like to do it my way, the old fashioned way lol, without using the glitch. But the end of world glitch is pretty nice


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I, for one, agree with Constance. I don't believe it's a glitch; I believe it was meant to find out. If it was a big deal, they would of fixed ship gliding, or made modifications to the edge. Although I believe it's not a form of glitching, many do. I can't tell you how many runs I've had people about to leave because I was using the " edge glitch." So it's good to learn how to sail without the edge too. Warships are tricky, but easy none the less. Cripple your hunter, and if its En, get close and let your gunners go to work. Also, if you notice, hunters and warships in general, if they come in fast, will make a sharp turn and put their back to you. For En - Garde, he always does that. Take cover until he turns, then open fire. He will sink in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds. Warships, I find easier than En. Once that lead, small sail is gone, just go distance and let gunners shoot, or stay in front of his turn and he will just turn with you. Warning, don't get to far ahead of his turn, or he will turn the other way. And any ship of the line with an open angle on you is dangerous. So in conclusion, both ways are nice for sailing, but if need an extra hand when sailing, the edge is a nice option.