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If you are interested in securing your TLOPO account with Two-Step Authentication or just have questions about how it works, read on!

To begin, this feature protects your account even if your password gets compromised. Any password is a "single point of failure", but with Two-Step Auth, a person would need your password and your external device in order to gain access to your account.

An account with Two-Step Authentication enabled requires some form of external device to be paired with it. Upon logging into your TLOPO account, you will be asked to get a code from your external device and provide it to us. This code will then be verified on our side to ensure that your account doesn't get into the hands of a malicious pirate!

In order to get started using Two-Step Authentication, view your account options on our website. You can do so by clicking the following link: If you're not logged in, you will be asked to log into your account - which will then redirect you to the account page.


Navigate to the "Security" part of the account settings panel and find the "Toggle Two-step Authentication" section. Check off the box and enter in your password, then press "Enable." You will be given a warning saying that you should only enable Two-Factor if you know what you're doing (and because you're reading this, you will!). Click "Finalize Two-step Authentication."

You can use the Two-Step app of your choice, but we have only tested our services with Authy and Google Authenticator. On the confirmation notification, there will be a QR Code. This is solely to make things more convenient for you. Scan the barcode or manually type in the authentication code into your Two-Step Authentication app.

After doing so, ensure that codes are being generated. They typically get made every 30 seconds and have the following format: 123 456.

Log out of your TLOPO account, and then log back in. You will be asked for a Two-Step code. Go to your Two-Step app and grab your code. Type it in on the website and press "Login." If you typed your code and set up Two-Step correctly, you should be logged in and good to go! If you get prompted with the error saying "Please enter a valid code", try typing in another code from the app.

If you encounter any errors after double-checking that you set everything up correctly, or if you simply want to disable this feature on your account, send an email to Please include your username and be sure to send from the email address that is associated with it.

- The Crew @ The Legend of Pirates Online
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