Christmas Lights

Angel Firefury

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Well Christmas is upon us once again, i would love to know what people from all around the world do to celebrate the festive season.
Over here in Australia, houses are decorated with lights and cardboard cut outs so im keen to see what everyone from everywhere does.
It would be great to see some pictures.:D
North America is good for the lights.. and in the last few years some very large nylon blow up apparitions.. you can blow up and light a 10ft. Santa, Snowman, Sleigh.. etc.. endless possibilities.. They seem to be taking the place of the cut outs over here. Besides that.. the available inventory of the types of lights is endless.. I won't even go there.. would have sleeper readership.. but Disney could take a lesson from the light manufactures on how to expand your inventory! For me.. I'm good with some lights up in the trees.. a crackling fire.. a warm cup of something, add a bit of the rum.. (good place to stop)....
Here in Paris all the busy streets have christmas flashy decorations hanging from one side of the road to another.