Event DreadPoet Story Time -- Calendar and locations thread

Dread Poet Roberts

Honorable Pirate
DreadPoet's SPOEtkakular will start promptly at 9:00 PM on Fragilles Server Raven Cove-- meet at the main dock
Get there early and prepare to follow the crowd. Candleholders will light the way to each of the sets.

See you all there

Shamus The Brute

Site Founder
@squintz - You should set aside some time in yer schedule to check it out. Invite a friend too and, enjoy! ;)

This community event is a cool one to see and to participate in (by listening only) because it brings all pirates together without the activity of busyness and/or distraction. *Part of being a pirate afterall is to relax, unwind, and listen quietly to a tale being told by a brethren member of the Caribbean! :flag1: