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What legendary item would you want?

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Captain Redhorn

Site Founder
I really want a legendary, so I decided to ask you all, if you didn't have any legendary weapons, and you could have one for free, what one would it be? If you have a close tie you may select two weapons, but please do not select them all-then this thread would be pointless. Here are the legendary items, in case you forgot what they looked like.


Captain Redhorn

Site Founder
I would want the Behemoth Blade because it has +5 endurance=more health, and it does a ton of damage. I would also want the Lost Sword of El Patron because it does high damage and ghost form.

William Sunshot

Honorable Pirate
Behemoth or World Eater, I'm a big fan of broadswords, and I especially like the fact that I can steal health with one and get a health bonus with the other.