Rallen The Fierce

Chapter 1​
The Beginning​
It all started long ago when a baby was born by the name of Rallen ( rall-in ). About 7 days after he was born his father died at sea. He was a pirate one of the most vicious rapscallions ever to sail the Seven-seas, his ship was taking on a East India Trading Co. Juggernaut carrying some very special cargo. Rumor has it that the Juggernaut had some special weapon of some kind aboard it, Rallen's father Freddy Blastbane had boarded the ship and those sneaky EITC broadsided his own ship the Ballistic Dragon and sunk it. He managed to sabotage the ship and make it sink before they EITC captured him and did away with him. Rallen's mother Selia was left alone to take care of Rallon and this is where the story of Rallen the Fierce begins! When Rallen was Thirteen years old a pirate fleet invaded his home island of Port Royal. At the lead ships helm stood Jack Sparrow himself, now Rallen's mother didn't want him to be a pirate and mean an end like his father but Rallen had other ideas he ran away and met up with jack when he approached him Jack spoke and his voice startled Rallen "And who my lad are you?" Asked Jack.​
"The names Rallen Id like to be a pirate like my father." Replied Rallen enthusiastically.​
"Well mate the life of a pirate is a rough life full of sleepless nights and hours at sea with no porting but it is a life filled with adventure and treasures, Savvy. And if i may be so bold may i ask your fathers name?"​
"I know sir i'm prepared to dedicate my life to being a pirate, and my fathers name was named Freddy Blastbane."​
A flicker of recognition and amazement flickered across jacks face at the mention of that name. "Well Mate you've just found yourself a captain, savvy ."​
To Be continued....​
Chapter 2​
The Betrayal​
About five years have passed sense the fateful day that Rallen joined Jacks crew. There had been talk of a mutiny aboard the pearl for reasons unbenounced to Rallen, just then Barbossa the first mate walked over to where Rallen was standing and spoke "Rallen my lad how do ye be feelin about the idea of mutiny to ole' captain Jack?"​
Rallen Gasped at the idea and replied, "A mutiny!?! I want no part in this i dont mind having Jack as a captain.".​
"I had a feelin' you'd be in contrast to deny my request therefore ye will be goin aboard at the next isle we be landing on." said Barbossa with an evil tone.​
"So ye just plan on dumping me and ole' Jack on some tandom wild isle? isle?"​
"That be the plan for Jack but we cant dump ye both on the same isle between the two of you ye may be able come up with a plan of escape and we cant be having that now can we? Said Barbossa as he grabbed Rallen and Hit him over the head with his pistol knocking him out...​
To Be Continued...
Chapter 3

A new Captain
Rallen Awoke in the brig next to Jack in what must have been the smallest cell on the Pearl. About an hour or so passed and a man walked up to our cell he was a tall man strongly build someone you wouldn't want to get in a fist fight with i think he went by the name of Gerard. He opened the cell and took Jack out of the cell and to the main deck i could hear the clatter of footsteps as they all gathered to see Jack walk the plank. A few more hours passed and finally the man came for Rallen, To his surprise when the man took him above deck and he saw the isle he was to be stranded on it was none other then Padres Del Fuego! "Listen mate I'll not be dropping you off on some wild isle fore my dept i owed your father but now we be pretty much even so don't be expecting good fortune to come your way if i see ye again." Said Barbossa to Rallen as they pushed him overboard to swim to Padres Del Fuego.
"What did he mean dept he owed my father?" said Rallen talking to himself on his way to the dock. By the time he arrived the local navy were already waiting at the dock to see why the Pearl its self had appeared in their port. When Rallen came ashore he had to lie to the navy and tell them he was taken prisoner and invoked the right of parley and persuaded them to let him free if he led them off the pearls tale. The navy believed him and let him run freely around Padres as He looked for another Captain. "Hey you!" a voice cried as he Rallen through the abandoned town filled with skeletal beasts that were most likely created by jolly roger. "Come I need your help mate!" Rallen found the voices origin and it was a man in his mid to upper thirties black hair and a black hat with a single golden feather who was surrounded by several skeletons . Rallen ran over to help the man only to find that the pirates had taken all his weapons. "What no weapons?" said the man as he tossed Rallen a cutlass. The two of them fought off the skeletons that were attacking them. "Whats your name boy? And why might i ask are you wondering through Las Palgas?" "I might would ask you the same thing, and my names Rallen i was thrown overboard by my crewmates aboard the pearl and whats your story?"asked Rallen
"My name is Christopher Cannonskull i was in this part of the isle looking for young pirate like yourself to join me crew, would ye be interested in joining me crew?"
"I sure would sir, you've just found yourself a first mate."
To Be Continued
OMG Chris that is a great first few chapters! It keeps you wanting more and never knowing what will come next, so suspenceful.
Chapter 4
The TRUTH of Freddy Blastbane
"So wait Rallen let me get this straight? Your the son of THE Freddy Blastbane? As in the pirate who single handedly took down a navy expedition fleet?" asked Chris
"Yea, I am he wanted me to be a pirate but my mum had other ideas." Replied Rallen
"Tell me boy, do you know how your father met his demise?"
"Yeah he boarded a EITC Juggernaut and the crew finished him off...."
"Ah so thats what they told you... I figured with you being his son and all that you'd have at least been told the real truth, well at least part of it anyway. So lets start from the beginning I grew up with your father he was a good man we were the best of friends we used to get into all kind of shenanigans, we would go around town and ruffle up the local navy then hide in bushes while they searched for us. Heres how he really "Died" that Juggernaut had some extremely powerful weapons aboard he dispatched all of the navy on board and went to inspect the cargo... thats when he found it a cutlass so grand it put all others to shame it had a long blade forged in what appeared to be silver with gold laid throughout the blade witch suggests its was folded several times while it was being forged to reinforce the blade. It had a golden pommel and a guard that suggests it is used to deflect attacks as they are Brought upon it. he took the weapon and replaced his own cutlass for it and then sailed away in the Juggernaut he sunk is own ship to cover his trail and no one has seen him sense... a few days after i heard he disappeared i received a letter from him that said he had went into hiding and to find you Rallen his son and bring him to him hes located in on a deserted isle without a name." said Christopher While handing Rallen the map.
Rallens was surprised and excited at the idea that his father might still be alive, Rallens best friend Davy Darkrange had been in the room listening to the whole conversation going on between the two when he spoke up.
"Hmmm... It sounds to me like we have a new heading Captain."
To Be Continued...

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