The Next Thing You'll Like To See In Potco?

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Rose Sunslipper

Site Founder
i checked all because... well i want all of that in game :confused:

but one thing i would like to add would be to sit down.. you see all these chairs and stuff but you can only look at them or stand on them... (then again they might need to add the barrier again because i could see problems.. just like they had with the kneel emote)

Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
Weather- It would make privateering sooo much cooler, and the game would just be amazing... It would also make for better screenshots.

Realistic Ships- They should remove the ship looks and replace them with real ship looks, like the SOTL's look. I think it's stupid how the war sloop is the closest thing to realistic....

Inside the Ships- Pirates had captain's cabins, correct? Well, I think it would be cool if we could actually HAVE a captain's cabin. It would be awesome if we were able to hang weapons on the walls, put in stolen/bought furniture, and much more.

Story Quests- Well, this is obvious. There needs to be more things to do, and a story quest would be lots of fun... and not an EASY quest, a HARD quest would be good.

Pets- Pets should be added for more fun and something else to spend gold on.... I'm a spender and I have nothing to spend gold on.....


Heres some I checked.

A change in weather in the caribbean would be cool. Would make the game seem more realistic. Im kinda bored with just seen the sun and the moon all the time.

More Islands:
Well, I know everyone wants new places to explore, new enemies to encounter and so do I. This way you can have many different places to lv and it would be easier to find a place to lv instead of jumping servers to find a quiet tormenta to lv.

Below Deck Cannons:
This is actually a good idea, You can have more people on the ship if there's more cannons. Also a good way to stay out of the sun and or rain if they make a change in weather ;) .

Be able to go inside your ship:
Yes i would like to go inside my ship. Why not? I own it :p No big deal if something like this isnt added though.

Story Quest:
I know I'm not the only one that wants a new story quest. Many others would like something new to do besides invasions, fleet and the QAR. Like many have said in different threads, if theres a new story quest, then the lv caps should be raised.

I also forgot to vote for Realistic ships. But that one speaks for itself. :)
I want trading, even tho thats not on the list and they actually have adressed the matter of weather before and they said there years away from being able to add weather to the game


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We want a lot to be added, but those have been discussed on other previous threads (such as emotes, abilities to sit down, kick somebody off regular ships, etc.). What Basil meant is probably a "major" design addition. I agree that "trading" is a big one that should be on the list. But based on the above list which all are good, I have a few favorites (in the order that I'd like them to come soon :D):

1. More Islands: Additional islands mean some things to do. I'm not a big fan of leveling up doing the same thing over and over (I know some people are totally the opposite of me). I like doing quest that gives me the skill and rep that are needed to level up. So it's comparable to Raven's cove and it's ghost quests, where we have to fish or make potion or sink ships, etc. in order to finish the entire island quest. Just plain more islands with a bunch of mermaids or zombies wouldn't hurt either.

2. Story Quests: These are tied to #1 ... Obviously more islands bring more quests. Or even an expansion of the existing islands. Just make caves or entrances somewhere on the existing island, and then there you go ... we'd have more story quests. But Disney'd better not just add story quests without adding expansion or new island (that would be 'lazy' of them ...).

3. Pets: Actually looking at the 'summon chicken' potion is like looking at somebody with a pet! It's cool! And it's even better if any one of us could adopt pets that are just stray or go to a pet store/NPC hut to do a quest (in order to adopt one). Then that pet could follow us around. Now it would be even better if we could train our pet and let the pet do something for us. This time I don't mind if I don't actually have to combat for the pet ... we can just click, and then let the pet do its thing to combat/steal/do something to other pirates/enemies (... :D), like other MMORPG games.

4. Weather: Yep, rain and thunderstorm at sea would be great! It doesn't have to cause the crew to get thrown overboard (even though that would be so cool, but I'll bet the degree of difficulties in designing it is enormously high), but enough to swing the ship up and down, left and right with splash or huge splash of water. And obviously, it should make controlling the helm harder (just like with no sailing skills), and even take damage to the ship. Then we would have fix the ship while being hammered by bad storm. And since you said we could sink because of this bad weather, they probably should add some huge rocks (not islands) on sea as well, that if we don't pay attention, we could hit them and sink. :facepalm: I'd make it harder on myself ...

Basil Darkratte

Site Founder
I want trading, even tho thats not on the list and they actually have adressed the matter of weather before and they said there years away from being able to add weather to the game
They, didn't say years, but " to far off to tell." They did test it out once, so it's up to them if they want it to come out or not. Trading could also be to far off to tell, because of the huge amount of difficulties they'll have to go through. They also said that " Yer Trade Worked!" was just 'code' but that doesn't mean it won't come out.