The Tale Of William Sunshot


Pirate Lord
you are really good. the way you write it is like a movie which is good because we can see whats happening in our heads like a movie. you could be a very successful writer someday.

William Sunshot

Honorable Pirate
The beach was long, but well lit by the moon in the cloudless sky above me. The stars shone down, tiny pinpricks of light in the broad black canvas of the night sky. I hear the noise again off in the woods, and shiver. I'm not the only one here.

I pick up a piece of driftwood about the length of my leg, hoping that it's better than nothing to defend myself with. When I look down at it, I discover it's not a piece of driftwood, but a plank of a ship. A ship that was wrecked here a while ago. I look around, noticing a small break in the shore ahead, and begin to walk towards it.

It was a wrecked Spanish galleon, and judging by the look of it, it had been here for some time. It looked like it had run afoul of the rocks out off the shore, and ended up here. Her sails were gone, a mast broken. There was a pretty big hole in the port side, just aft of where the mainsail would be. I walked closer to it, trying to find some way to get aboard.

I heard the noise again, this time not from the woods. It came from the ship.

I walk forward cautiously, clutching the plank tightly in my right hand. I reach the hole torn by the rocks, and peer in. It's very dark. I don't hear anything, and it's hard to see because of the darkness. No light from the moon shines in there. There is movement, something in there. It makes little sound, but I hear it nonetheless. I grip my plank and poke my head in.

Something screeches, loud, piercing in the quiet night. I tumble backwards, tripping over a piece of the hull and landing in the water with a splash. I move to rub the salt water from my eyes, swinging out with my plank with my other hand, but I strike nothing.

Another screech, this one right on top of me. I feel panic, the urge to run. I try to scramble to my feet, but I'm slow in the debris-strewn water. I manage to get a leg up, to turn to see my attacker, and am struck an awful blow to the side of the head. Everything goes dark.

William Sunshot

Honorable Pirate
I awake in a small cove on an unknown island. Am I in the same place? I have no idea. I lie on my back, looking up at the trees, noticing by the sound that I'm in some sort of rocky inlet. I wiggle my fingers and toes, everything works. I move my legs, no pain, same with the arms. I go to bend my neck, which is pretty sore, but it's tolerable. I sit up slowly, surveying my body as I do so. My hand moves up to the side of my head, which is surprisingly unhurt. Whatever hit me didn't leave a mark. Strange.

I am indeed at a cove, a very strange on at that. There are long stone docks leading into the water, with a few block huts not far from them. There's nobody around, so I stand up and move into the forest. No pain, which is good. I begin to walk carefully and quietly over to the huts to see if anyone's around. The ground is fairly even, so I make quick progress. I stand behind the furthest hut out, looking carefully at the thing trying to decide what to do. I go for it, walking silently up to the window in the back of the structure. I peek up slowly, seeing nothing. The hut is deserted. I repeat the process for the others, and notice the same thing. There's nobody around.

I break into the huts, taking some food and clothing, finding stuff that fits close enough to me to be comfortable. I grab an extra pair of boots, an old cutlass, and a pistol and head out the door. I feel much better armed, and get even luckier when I find a bottle near a well filled with fresh water. High score! I load up on water and find some dried food, and head out to the small hill in the distance. I reach the top without incident, and find something else entirely.

I find that I'm on Tortuga.

William Sunshot

Honorable Pirate
We rounded the bend, Sunshot in the lead, the familiar pier coming into view. All of the huts were still standing, exactly as I had left them years ago, but a few new ones had been erected since I was last here. There was one other change too, a very big change.

There was a War Galleon at the end of the dock. The massive warship stood ready, with a number of men moving cargo to and from the ship. Her sails were primed, ready to fly, and her hull sparkled as if recently cleaned. The crew alongside me gasped at the unexpected sight, which caused even me to raise my eyebrows slightly.

"My ship, the Renegade Titan." said Sunshot "We'll be taking her for our voyage, as I don't think the General could handle it. Hurry on now, help out those men. We leave as soon as that cargo is taken care of."

The crew scrambled to, but Sunshot himself walked towards the huts. Not being one to give up on something interesting, I followed. He was heading towards one of the larger huts, one I had not seen before. He seemed to have no idea I was following him, which was understandable as I am very quiet. He reached the hut quickly and walked in. I took up a position outside the window, looking in from an angle; he couldn't see me, but I could see most of him.

Sunshot opened a gold-adorned chest with a strange looking key and took out a polished wooden box about the length of my forearm. He stowed it in a pouch, and walked back to the ship. I hurried along after him wondering what, of all things, was in that box?