Bad Account Id Or Password

Has this happened to you

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Jade Wildfury

well thanks again Disney... now i cant log on or change my password... and u had me thinking i got hacked!!!! :mad:

Jason Shipmonger

Honorable Pirate
My page wouldn't load, and I pressed LOGIN like 50x and I started panicking but then my mom logged on facebook and let her use the computer, now I can login. :)

Jason Shipmonger

Honorable Pirate
Yeah it actually does.

Maybe its because of all these new updates they're having, starting to hate them because they make me d/c and my anti-virus goes bizerk when I log in to POTCO so I have to turn it off.

Jade Wildfury

So I finally got an email back from potco


I’m sorry to hear you are having troubles logging into the game.

We have discovered this is an issue associated with an update Norton did for their anti-virus software. We've contacted Norton and they will hopefully be running a new update to fix the problem it's causing with Pirates Online. In the meantime, you can set the permissions on your Norton Anti-virus that will allow access to Pirates Online. If you need assistance with allowing these permissions, we suggest contacting Norton for some assistance. There is a Contact Us section at the bottom of their webpage:

Thank you letting us know about the problem you’ve experienced. Hopefully this helps to get you back up and running quickly.


Pirates of the Caribbean Online Member Services

Hmm funny cuz I never had this problem before and its not nice to blame others for ur problems :mad: