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Can you log into test?

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Igor Greybeard

Igor would like to ask if anyone can log into Test right now?

Bart Gunshot

Site Founder
I dont have test sver access but ive been trying to get to the test sever website and it says closed so maybe something HUGE is coming out on the test sever???

Kate Goldwalker

Fairy Tail Girl
I'm thinking that Capt. Starr is right. IF this is going to be an update, then they will want it to coincide with the release of Pirates 4. Of course on Open servers. Which means that the testers will get access to it somewhat before then.

No idea what they are doing. I could just be a revamp of the game to make it look more like the movie icons, etc. The new ads for the game have already changed to do that.

Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
well about new stuff for the movie i am sure if it were to go along with it then test would have it already considering it takes at least a month before it is released onto live so i doubt it but it is possible though they may just be fixing a few glitches and bugs

James O'martin

Pirate Lord
There's a new news article on PiratesOnline.com that says the name thing ends on Friday, so maybe that's when test will reopen? :confused: I wish Live Chat or Pirates Online would say why it's closed. Then we could know why and stop checking every five seconds/2 hours.

Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
They should open it now if it's going to come with the movie. We have a better chance to test it out
i doubt its for the movie but possibly though if it is it wont be anything that big considering we have like a month till it comes out and if they want it out by then testing wont be done

James Birkshaw

Notorious Pirate
Basil Darkratte said:
They should open it now if it's going to come with the movie. We have a better chance to test it out
Oh... it's closed? I thought I couldn't get on cause I was banned.. lol
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