Will's Secret Fishing Spot

Will Nightwolf

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In this spot you can find legendary fish every 5 to 10 min. The requirments are lvl 20 fishing and legendary lure.

Here is my secret fishing spot where I find Legendary fish every 5-10 minutes.

Be in this spot exactly not around the corner. In this exact spot.

I've caught 4 out of 5 of the legendary, but I have seen all 5 in this spot multiple times.

My advice is to press space and reel in once the lure is halfway to the boat because I only catch legendary fish when the lure is as far and deep as possible. Also, I recommend you catch at least 3 of the big fishes at the bottom like sharks, swordfish, etc. because usually thatll speed it up. But leave the lure as far as possible so that a legendary can come if you keep catching big fish it won't come as fast.

In the pic above once the lure gets this far press space cause you won't see a legendary when its that close to the boat.
There are 4 steps to catching a legendary fish. First of all when one comes all the fish will swim away to the left. Then the fish will swim one lap around the screen and automatically bite your hook. Then the first thing you do is left click your mouse like crazy to get him to settle down. Then you move your mouse in a circle to reel hime in. You do steps 1 and 2 a lot to catch a legendary. Every once in a while you will have to catch the handle, this can be done by just clicking the handle. Then you release your capture. The pics from left to right are steps 1-4.
1.jpg 5.JPG 3.jpg 4.jpg
Also since I use a labtop I left click my mouse and my left click on my labtop at same time and I'm still not able to catch him.
:excited:Me and christopher had a race to catch a legendary fish in my secret fishing spot and I won. I won in like 3 minutes from when it started.
screenshot_2010-10-16_13-54-08.jpg screenshot_2010-10-16_13-56-43.jpg
Awesome screen shots! Thank you for sharing your secret fishing spot. Congratulations on catching all legendary! I don't want to admit how many I have lossed ahahah. My heart always starts pounding when the screen changes ~ woot!
Uh I havent caught fire dragon yet I just saw him like 5 min after I caught fogbell in my contest against chris, but I lost him so he's beaten 4 times. But I will catch fire dragon it's on my to do list.
I feel like I am in an old spice comercials.
look at screen shots.. now back to game... screen shots.. now back to game... now back to screen shots... and now to game... you too can be a great fisherman!
Nice job Will, I hope you catch the Fire Dragon soon!:) Chris Congrats on catching all legendarys! So far I have only caught Mosy Mosses and Speedy Lou, and lost many more. lol I need to try that fishing spot!;)