What Sword Did You Choose From El Patron And Why?

What sword did you choose from El Patron?

  • Spinecrest Sword

    Votes: 29 33.3%
  • Bitter End

    Votes: 33 37.9%
  • Nautilus Blade

    Votes: 21 24.1%
  • I'm Not Doing This Quest Ever!

    Votes: 4 4.6%

  • Total voters

Will Nightwolf

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Wich of the 3 sword did you choose to take from El Patron?



EDIT (Nov 8, 2010 4:21 AM):
I personally chose Spinecrest with Darkmonk, Bitter End with Nightwolf, and soon I'll get Nautilus with Old Bones.
I've taken the spinecrest sword on every Edward that has finished the Raven's quest.

Broadswords (as a weapon class) are better for how I play, than cutlasses or sabres (both of which hit only single enemies.) There are very few times where I want to attack only a single enemy - switching to pistol is fine in those circumstances. (Actually, I can think of only one time where it was convenient to attack only a single enemy, in the last month.)

Cursed ice seems to be useful ONLY for rage ghosts - and when going for a party hat, there is always someone around who has a cursed ice weapon.
I took the bitter end because at the time of the sword picking phase I had dark fire cutlass for fire ability, and sea fang for thunder, but no freeze.
aye i also only use broad swords i randomly went with the Bitter End with Shadow to have it just in case folks are trying to get the hat even though i doubt it will get used much... heres to hoping i get a better broadsword :rumgone:
I chose spinecrest cause that one skeleton on the window that says "please do not close this window" thing. It also had the highest attack. :D
I chose the nautilaus blade because I thought the lightening was fun! :parrot:
ok truth be told Molly is my first pirate so i took the one blade that required the most Bitter End. as for my other pirate Holly i took Spinecrest for too reasons. like Johnny Mak and Edward Edgemenace Broadswords are very potent weapons at any area. i wanted to see how she will handle it. and i have been playing alot with Dragoon's Broadsword with her.
yo guild. mark stormburn got his sword from el patron today, congrats mark. i was on cuba doing potions when mark put out a call for back up. well i wanted to cover the event and it was a good reason to stop with potions. grr. when i got there de fiant was already there covering his back along with one of marks non spania friends. i'm sure they had it covered, but can just never stay out of a fight, so i got in the fray and didn't any good fight sceens. i learned from that, next time i'll do better.

then came the really hard part, witch sword does he take. he must choose wisely.

well after quite a few minutes he picked up the spine crest broad sword, a very good choice in my book. now the question is, why did he take that one? well, more than likely because it's the best sword in the chest. way to go mark!:fight:
Lol I'm not suprised so little people choose the nautilus because everyone just got the seafang sword wich has cursed thunder and who wouldn't want to get spinecrest or bitter end to test out cursed fire or ice.